Viasat Named Global Satellite Business of the Year

Viasat has been awarded the Global Satellite Business of the Year award at Euroconsult’s 16th Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Communications.

The Global Satellite Business of the Year award recognizes the operator who achieved the best performance in terms of strategic initiatives but also revenue growth, margins and commercial development during the past year. The award was based on a performance analysis of market players and assessed by senior experts from the Euroconsult team.

“We are honored to be awarded the Global Satellite Business of the Year recognition at the 2019 World Satellite Business Week event,” said Mark Dankberg, chairman and CEO, Viasat. “Viasat’s rapid growth and achievements over the last year are a result of the commitment of our team and the investments we’ve made to enable fast, affordable broadband in the most challenging places. We’re even more energized and excited about the opportunities still before us. We appreciate the opportunities our customers, business partners, and investors have presented to help transform the role of space in connecting the people and places otherwise left behind.”

Euroconsult is a leading global consultancy specializing in space markets. They announced award winners on September 11, 2019, during the World Satellite Business Week 2019 conference, an annual event based in Paris that brings together influential representatives from the global satellite communications and information business sectors.

For more information on how Viasat is transforming satellite broadband communications, visit Viasat’s website here.