Part funded by ESA, ViaDrone is a development and proof of concept of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operation Management System and an Air Traffic Insertion Suite that will allow Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to fly in commercial air space.
The demand to operate RPAS over long ranges is drastically increasing due to their potential for a wide range of civil applications for the benefit of European citizens and industry. However the regulation regarding the use of RPAS in civil airspace is not yet ready to enable RPAS BLOS (Beyond Line Of Sight) operations.


  • Improve reliability / security of navigation system of RPAS.
  • Use SatCom to increase situational awareness for RPAS and demonstrate new functionalities in air traffic surveillance.
  • Use SatCom to increase reliability of command & control.
  • Demonstrate ATM System dedicated to RPAS Very Low Level (VLL) operations – UAV Traffic Management (UTM).
  • Develop the mission payload and software package for inspection and surveillance, beyond line of sight of large critical infrastructures such as Railways, power lines or Airports.
  • Perform demonstration of RPAS missions for future commercial application.

ViaDrone comprises:

  • An Air Traffic Insertion Suite, providing the missing parts to enable RPAS to operate their long endurance small medium platforms in non-segregated airspace and BLOS. This suite is ensuring Ground Base Air Surveillance and CNS (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance).
  • A  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operation Management System enabling the Air Navigation Service Provider to manage the full process of RPAS operations, starting with a flight request and providing surveillance during all phases of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft flight.
  • A surveillance system that can be rolled out on RPAS for specific operations (with a Maximum Take-Off Mass  of less than 30 kg) and for certified operations (Medium Altitude Long Endurance RPAS), with an analytical approach to reduce the risk of specific operations in non-segregated airspace.
  • A configurable mission payload that can be remotely operated from a ground mission station in order to achieve a wide spectrum of service applications.

project partners are: