What is HCS?

High Capacity Satellites (HCS) are a new breed of satellite technology, delivering ubiquitous, affordable broadband services to rival cable, fibre and terrestrial offerings as well as offering value added services where terrestrial cannot reach. Whether providing consumers in hard to reach locations with broadband and voice services, delivering in-flight internet, connecting militaries with resilient on- demand capacity, or serving offshore enterprise broadband needs, the possibilities for how to connect people with HCS are endless.

In 2016 the European Space Agency (ESA) and Viasat launched an initiative called the High Capacity Satellite Applications Factory. This initiative is part of ESA’s ARTES Competitiveness & Growth programme and has a focus on accelerating Europe’s growth as a centre of excellence and innovation in the space industry through the rapid development of new HCS products, applications and services.

Through your participation in the Space Hub you gain entry into the HCS industry which is estimated to become €500bn by 2030.

About Viasat

Viasat is a natural fit for the High Capacity Satellite (HCS) Applications Factory, as the Company has led the global transformation in satellite systems and services for nearly three decades. The HCS Applications Factory represents a key step in Viasat’s on going commitment to bring HCS services to Europe. It comes in the wake of Viasat’s recent announcement to provide residential and commercial high-speed satellite services across Europe, and Viasat’s plans to deliver a dedicated Viasat-3 class satellite, which will provide more than 1,000Gbps of total capacity over Europe, Middle East and Africa by 2020.

Viasat employs more than 5,000 global team members in over 26 sites, who are dedicated to do what others in the industry view as impossible. They imagined and launched the world’s highest- capacity communications satellite and continue to set the standard in developing technologies that address global broadband challenges and ensure a better way for consumers, organisations, governments and military personnel to stay connected.

For more information on Viasat products and services visit www.viasat.com.